Urine Fetish, Urolagnia
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Urine Fetish, Urolagnia

What is the name for the sexual fetish involving urine? What is urolagnia? What is urophilia? What is a golden shower? What is piss play? In slang what does water sports mean? Why do some people get sexually turned on by urine? Why do some people pee on their sexual partner? What are the health risks of getting peed on by another person.

Albert Fish was perhaps one of the most notorious people for having a sexual fetish related to urine. He most likely picked up his fetish during his early years spent in an orphanage where he was abused and claims to have witnessed boys doing bad things. He grew up to be a child rapist, torturer, and murderer, who got a perverse pleasure out of having women urinate on him, or forcing children to drink urine.

Albert Fish is not alone in deriving sexual pleasure from urine. Equally so the fetish is not aways one of a corrupt mind or mental illness which Fish most certainly suffered from.

Fetishes involving urine are often called piss play, water sports, or having a golden shower, but the correct term is urolagnia or urophilia.

In urolagnia typically one person, or both, enjoys urinating on the other, or being urinated upon. In many cases this can be a heterosexual act between a male and female, or it can be a homosexual act. In some instances the fetish merely involves watching a person urinate, such as spying on them in a public bathroom.

In some cases the person themselves finds pleasure in public urination, sometimes wetting themselves while in a mall or park.

Some people enjoy drinking urine as part of their sexual fetish, which is distinguished from those who drink urine as part of an alternative health therapy.

People who enjoy the urolagnia fetish often signal to others by placing a yellow hanky in their pants pocket.

What Causes a Person to Develop a Urolagnia Fetish?

In many cases the fetish is speculated to develop as a result of events during a persons formative years, that being their early youth. A child who was repeatedly forced to hold their urine, who was frequently left in dirty diapers, or who was often witness to their parent's urination, may develop a fetish involving urine, particularly if the child's mind was somehow vulnerable at the time.

A child who was abused by being urinated upon may grow up to be one aroused by this act.

In many cases the cause of this fetish, or the trigger factor, is unknown or cannot be identified.

Concerns with Urolagnia

Generally, between consenting adults, there are few health concerns when the urine is not consumed. Urine is considered sterile unless a bladder infection is present. This in contrast to those whose sexual fetish involves feces, or consuming of feces (coprophagia). There may be some risks of sexually transmitted diseases, but no more so than when engaging in sexual intercourse.  Urine is often high in salt and may contain waste matter from vitamins.

Skin rashes may occur if the urine is not washed off.

Although few who partake in urolagnia will seek treatment, there are medications as well as psychotherapy to deal with this fetish.

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Comments (2)

Another great article. Makes me shake my head at people. Strange.

Why is the first example of someone who enjoys this particular fetish an abused murderer? I was never abused and I have this fetish, whats with all the judgement in this article? There are too many references to abuse.