Fetishism: Normal Sexual Preference That Can Be Socially Accepted Or Pervert Criminal Obsession
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Fetishism: Normal Sexual Preference That Can Be Socially Accepted Or Pervert Criminal Obsession

The difference between socially accepted sexual attraction and fethisism and pervert obsession.

We all have are preferences in life, or things we consider more beautiful and stylish than others. This makes us who we are. You cannot discuss taste, but where do we draw the line between a normal sexual preference, like you consider blondes more attracting than brunettes, or black leather turns you on and a unhealthy fetishism.

Fetishists are people who get excited to horny on certain objects. This might influence their behavior, but this does not mean they are always criminal perverts.

We all have our fetish. But with most people it does not take a disturbing form. Or if you know your own fetish, you may do something socially accepted with it, as long as you respect others.

For example: if you are a long hair fetishist, you can become a hairdresser that specializes in long hair styles and grow you own hair out to experiment. On that matter, you are serving the community by taking care of others hair.

It would not be great, if you would start harassing long haired people and touching their hair against their will. Also getting horny and making sexual gestures and costumers while doing their hair is pervert behavior that needs counseling and treatment. In that case, being a hairdresser might not a be good idea.

This tells it: there is no standard in what might attract people and there is no standard human being. We all have some kind of preference on things that excite us, but seldom does it really become a form of sexual perversion.

What is a fetish? It can be every kind of object. You can never tall what might turn a person on.

Most known fetishes are shoes, hair and leather. Yes, you have people who get excited by smelling shoes. For them, a career as a shoe maker might do them good. But when they would start smelling people's feet while working in a shoe store, it might become not so great.

All things can be objects of fetish obsession for people. Not only shoes and hair can be unhealthy fascinating to people. You have fetishists on all sorts of object. You name it, and you will have an obsessed collector of it.

But here is the difference between a normal and a sick person. Normal people do control their excitement and do not harm others for their pleasure.

If you are interested in stamps, you will collect stamps and you might get excited from buying stamps. So any kind of collector might suffer some slight form of fetishism.

Now when you get horny from something, instead of excited, you are dealing with fetishism. People who suffer fetishism, are often people who are having trouble in normal sexual relations, if there are such things.

Now pleasing yourself licking a shoe, might be weird. It is uncommon sexual behavior, but therefore not unnatural and it does not have to be socially disturbing.

But when you start stealing fetish objects that interest you, there is a problem. When you start smelling on peoples underwear while it is hanging to dry in their garden, you trespass their domain and are breaking the law. If it is that bad, you need help.

So there might be more fetishists out there than you expect and most might not be socially disturbing. But of course, only the extreme cases make the news and are inspiration for movies and series.

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Comments (1)
leverton Lisa

Quite a disturbing article when first read but like you say they are all of us and all around. I had a man helping me with my writing, he was a writing coach and a lovely man but he had a 'thing' for black, silk, scarves... not a problem, apart from the fact that his mother used to ware them?!