Causes of Male Impotence
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Causes of Male Impotence

The mysteries of men... in this article, we\\\'ll talk about Male Impotence and some of it\\\'s causes.

Whether your the man with the droopy sausage, or your a concerned woman trying to get the tent pitched, neither is important. The important part, is understanding some of the causes of male impotence. Once you have a basic understanding for what can cause impotence, then you start to heal and work your way back into a beautiful and bold sex life.


Yes, that's right. Sometimes the most obvious answer, really is the answer. Just as many women just don't feel like having sex sometimes, usually do to stress, men also experience days when they just aren't in "the mood". Now.. The important part to remember, is that just as easily as a man can get it 'up' from a simple mental picture, he can also get it 'down' from the idea of having to pay the bills, go to work, or any number of things. Stress is the number one cause of impotence. So if you can provide a completely stress free world for your man, you can expect years of sexual bliss! However, since this isn't a perfect world, sometimes there will just be times when a man isn't in the mood.


Many street drugs and most pharmaceuticals can cause problems in any persons body that can mess with their libido and/or nervous system, often leading to impotence in men. Not taking the drugs anymore, is an obvious solution. Though if some of them are necessary medications, you might seek out some herbal alternatives.


Yes, men go through "the change" just as women do. The difference, is mostly in the name of the change. When women go through the change, they often experience less lusty feelings in the libido and often themselves lacking of certain hormones that can help regulate a healthy sexual life. Men often go through Andropause between the ages of 30 and 45, though it varies for each individual. Because of this lowering in hormones that make a man want to make babies (even if it's only subconsciously), it will obviously lower a mans prerogative to want to mate on a regular basis. It no long becomes instinctual, and instead becomes simply for a need of comfort and intimacy, which men just don't seem to need as often as women, even though they do need it. If you find that your man (or you) is going through Andropause, the best thing you can do is to support them. If you are a concerned wife or girlfriend who has spotted the signs of andropause in your man, it is likely that your man doesn't realize anything has changed. For that matter, andropause is a normal change in a mans life. It doesn't signal that anything is "wrong" with him. It's simply a change that a couple adjusts to.


A man's erection is sort of like a health meter. In a healthy man, an erection should be easily achieved (if he's in the mood). While trouble getting started, or finishing, can indicate underlying health problems. If you've ruled out other causes, like stress, medications, drugs or andropause, then it's time to consider health problems. Some common problems that can cause impotence, that sometimes aren't even recognizable by the sufferer himself, are kidney problems, bladder infections, STD's, prostate problems, blood sugar abnormalities, blood pressure issues or digestive troubles.


Sometimes a man just interested in sex. It happens. There are other times when a man has been with a woman so long that he's just not as "excited" as he used to be, and so finds himself occupying his time with other things. This is the time to start looking into "Spice up your sex life" tips, and to open up a discussion with your mate about how you two can bring back some excitement to the relationship.

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