5 Most Common Sexual Transmitted Diseases
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5 Most Common Sexual Transmitted Diseases

A list of the 5 most common sexual trasmitted diseases.

Sexual transmitted diseases (STD) is something most people don't even want to think about. Most are not well informed about those STDs. Still, there are numerous ways of protection against them. STDs are not life-threatening, at least not all of them. They are treatable and curable. Yet, in order to start treating them with the right medication, one most first spot them. So here are the five most common STDs and some information about their signs and symptoms.

1. HPV

It's the most common STD with 40 strains or more. Most people didn't know about HPV (which stands for human papillomavirus) until the vaccine was created. The easiest to spot sign in order to identify HPV is genital warts, but there are other symptoms, such as cervican or genital cancer which are not easy to spot until they have become advanced. In most cases, the virus will go away on its own, but the best way to avoid HPV is to have the vaccine before a possible exposure. No cure is available for this disease, yet there are many treatments available.

2. Genital Herpes

One more common STD, it's widely spread, affecting one out of five people in the United States. That's because it can be contracted through direct contact even when no symptoms are present. It is usually passed through sexual intercourse, or transferred from a mother to the child during birth. It's easy to spot, as blisters form around the genital organs or the mouth. Unfortunately, no cure exists. It can only be partly treated with topical medications, although it;s provided that the disease will not spread.

3. Chlamydia

That's a bacterial infection. It affects the urinary tract and the reproductive organs. If not treated, it can lead to serious health problems. Main symptoms are pain during sex or urination, fever, burning and itching, but symptoms may not exist at all in certain cases. Fortunately, it is curable with the use of antibiotics.

4. Gonorrhea. Widely known as clap, it is passed through intercourse, even with minimum contact. It's likely there will be no signs, but if there are, pain in urination, genital soreness and sore throat are included. It is often accompanied by chlamydia and it is cured with antibiotics as well.

5. Syphilis

Another bacterial infection. It's probably the most dangerous STD, because of the way it progresses. Early signs are oper sores in the genitals and mouth, which disappear in few days. Sore throat, headache, weight loss are the symptoms that will appears months later. The full course of symptom will develop in years and include damage to the brain, heart, nerves, bones, liver, paralysis and death. Fortunately, those symptoms can be treated with penicillin or other antibiotics.

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